General cleaning


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General cleaning is a structural complex of measures focused on deep and effective cleaning of all surfaces at site entrusted to the service company «INWHITE».

As a rule, general cleaning implements for scale and at the same time deep cleaning of all the objects. As a rule, general cleaning is carried out for large-scale and at the same time deep cleaning of all elements of which the object consists. It can be implemented during the day or at night, as well as any working days off.

Periodicity of the general cleanings and the term of its implementing determines individually in each order and depends on the area of the object, the volume of work performed.

Service package that includes in the general cleaning, is determines during individual work with each client and may include:

  • Dust removal from walls & ceilings
  • Dirt removal from lighting devices
  • Window cleaning (frames, windows, window sills)
  • Removing dirt from cornices and canopies
  • Dust removal from communication pipes
  • Dust and dirt removal from switches, electrical outlets, sensors and ventilation grates
  • Removal of all resistant contaminants, stains
  • Removal of oxide and restoration of the appearance of copper, brass, bronze products
  • Cleaning of air conditioners, radiators and baseboards
  • Cleaning the dirt protective rugs
  • Cleaning of door units
  • Cleaning of elevators, escalators
  • Garbage collection, removal, and disposal
  • Deep cleaning of floor coverings with professional equipment and tools
  • Cleaning, polishing of all interior elements and furniture
  • Cleaning and disinfection of restrooms:
    • - cleaning the walls, ceilings, partitions;
    • - cleaning of toilets, urinals, drains, bins and other accessories (including outdoor parts of sanitary ware);
    • - cleaning and polishing of mirrors and glass surfaces;
    • - washing of door blocks;
    • - cleaning the floors;
  • Complex kitchen cleaning
  • Complex cleaning of other areas of premises

The complex of cleaning services and working tools, which our company offers during general cleaning of premises, allows quickly and qualitatively liquidating the most persistent pollution at the site. Moreover, the experience of the company's employees helps to quickly navigate the site of the general cleaning and make the most convenient scheme of work at the facility, taking into account individual wishes and requirements of the client. Therefore, the result of the general works by the employees of the service company «INWHITE» always leave our customers satisfied.

In the process of implementing general cleaning, a number of special works can be performed:

  • - works at height: cleaning of the facade, windows;
  • - dry cleaning of the sofa, carpeting;
  • - restoration of a wooden floor covering etc.
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