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Professional hotel and event halls cleaning - is a complex of such cleaning services as daily cleaning, maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene, performance of specialized and general works in the premises.

«INWHITE» cleaning company ensure cleanliness at restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, showrooms & event halls, which is one of the obligatory elements of creating an image of an institution / event and is an important factor of a competitive advantage.

That is why the initial condition for the work on all of the above types of facilities for the cleaning company «INWHITE» is the professional training of personnel and the application of effective schemes for managing the work at the facility.

Working at the hotels & event halls, service personnel of the company «INWHITE»:

  • Apply rules of conduct and etiquette both in the relationship with customers, and with visitors of the institution / event;
  • They start working exclusively in uniform with a name badge and in closed shoes of the European pattern;
  • Pass mandatory periodic medical examination;
  • Pass health and safety briefings for employees;
  • Keep the inventory color coding for various functional premises, in order to avoid cross contamination (restrooms, guest zone, production, utility rooms);
  • Improve skills of the proper use of professional chemicals, tools and professional equipment;
  • Learn the rules and schedules of cleaning different zones of the object and work according to the developed schedule
  • Control the supply and replacement of consumables (napkins, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.);
  • Change the replacement of fresh changeable linen and towels in hotel rooms;
  • Apply the technology of dry cleaning the blinds, curtains and carpets in the premises of HoReCa and event halls;
  • Learn all the necessary typical cleaning technologies for HoReCa rooms and event halls;
  • Learn the rules of washing dishes manually (mechanical removal of food, soaking, washing, rinsing, drying) and using a dishwasher;
  • Learn the rules for washing and disinfection of convection ovens, grills, ovens, refrigerating chambers, working surfaces, etc.;
  • Learn the rules of aromatization and ionization of each room in the building.

The work of the staff regulates by individual work schedules and checklists, which help to establish the work process based on all the initial requirements of the client.

Cleaning company «INWHITE» also conducts cleaning services for festive, official, field and business events (conferences, seminars, presentations, etc.).

The main work principles of servicing personnel at the company «INWHITE» at such events are:

  • - efficiency and coherence of work;
  • - courtesy and culture in communication with visitors and event managers;
  • - control over the current situation in the need of cleaning during the event;
  • - inconspicuous and unobtrusive dotty cleaning;
  • - general complex cleaning at the end of the event;

There are a number of mandatory services for the professional cleaning of HoReCa premises and event halls:

Cleaning of internal premises   

  • Dust removal from the ceiling and walls
  • Dust removal on lighting fixtures (chandeliers, lamps, floor lamps, sconces)
  • Cleaning and processing furniture with anti-static detergents for dust rejection
  • Dust removal from radiators (outside / inside)
  • Polishing of various surfaces
  • Washing of windows and shop fronts (frames, glass, window sills, low tide)
  • Washing of internal glazing of premises
  • Dry cleaning of blinds, curtains, jalousie
  • Floor cleaning (general / deep)
  • Washing of skirting boards
  • Removing stains
  • Removal of plasticine residues, chewing gums, etc.

Restrooms cleaning   

  • Elimination of blockages in pipes
  • Removal of rust
  • Removal of water stone
  • Removal of fungal formations
  • Disinfection, pest control and deodorization of premises
  • Plumbing work

Kitchen cleaning   

  • Cleaning of kitchen appliances
  • Removal of grease, dirt and dust from kitchen surfaces
  • Floor cleaning (general / deep)
  • Washing dishes (mechanical / manual)
  • Washing of ovens, grills, convectors

Cleaning of elevator cabs   

  • Washing and polishing the ceiling, walls and floor of the elevator cab
  • Cleaning of the elevator control panel
  • Mirror surfaces handling
  • Grinding and polishing of the chrome elements of the elevator car
  • Removal of scratches and defects of chrome surfaces

Cleaning of technical and subsidiary premises   

  • Dust removal from all surfaces
  • Deep cleaning of various floor surfaces
  • Application of protective films
  • Shelves cleaning
  • Floor and wall washing (general / deep)
  • Mold / fungus removal
  • Pest & Rodent Control of premises

External cleaning works   

  • Cleaning of the entrance group
  • Installation and replacement of mud protection coatings
  • Facade cleaning
  • Washing windows and windows (frames, glass, window sills, low tide)
  • Lawn mowing
  • Cleaning and removal of leaves / grass
  • Cleaning and removal of snow
  • Removal of icicles from building roofs
  • Cleaning of continuous guttering
  • Hardware cleaning of paving slabs
  • Treatment of granite / marble threshold
  • Parking zone cleaning
  • Care of the adjoining territory
  • Industrial alpinism
  • Garbage collection and disposal
  • Removal of salt deposits on the steps and platforms of granite entrance groups
  • Removal of the plastic windows and oracles protective film

Special cleaning works:   

  • Accompanies the events (cleaning);
  • Cleaning before/ after the event
  • Rodent control, disinfection and pest control of premises;
  • Garbage removal;
  • Total general cleaning;
  • Total after renovation cleaning;
  • Deep floor coverings cleaning;
  • Application of protective films;
  • Marble crystallization;
  • Parquet renovation;
  • Dry cleaning of carpets, fitted carpets and mud protection carpets;
  • Dry cleaning of soft and leather furniture;
  • Grinding of the decorative stones, removing of chemical origin stains and of local damage;
  • Plant Care
  • Aquarium care
  • Cleaning service of events
  • Supply of consumables (toilet paper, towels, napkins, etc.);
  • Supply and installation of special dispensers (for soap, napkins, towels, etc.);
  • Impregnation of flooring;
  • Provision and maintenance of chemical WC;
  • Air ionization
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