Post-construction cleaning


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Post-construction cleaning – is a complex of cleaning services for construction dust, dirt, garbage cleaning of any premises and the completion of the project on a turnkey basis.

Integrated post-construction cleaning from the cleaning company «INWHITE» passes in two stages:

Preliminary (basic) stage


The Final stage

  • Cleaning and removal of large construction debris
  • Dry vacuum cleaning of all surfaces
  • Floor and door units wet cleaning with the using of service cart and professional chemicals
  • Cleaning of all internal surfaces from the remnants of building mixes, removal of various stains and drip lines with the help of special chemical detergents, that allow to destroy persistent dirt and remove stains of paint, lime, stale cement etc.
  • Removal of dust (dirt) from walls and ceilings
  • Window cleaning (windows, frames, window sills)
  • Cleaning of batteries, radiators, baseboards
  • General cleaning of the floor covering with the help of equipment and special detergents
  • Cleaning and disinfection of sanitary rooms:
    • - cleaning of walls, ceilings, partitions;
    • - Cleaning of toilet bowls, urinals, sinks, bins and other accessories;
    • - Cleaning and polishing of mirrors and glass surfaces;
    • - washing of door blocks;
    • - washing of floors.
  • Dedusting of existing built-in furniture
  • Polishing and rubbing of interior elements
  • Final wet cleanup of the entire premises.

The need for this stage caused by the fact that after the main post-construction cleaning, suspended dust remains in the premises.

Performed a few days later - after the complete settling of suspended dust.

Employees of the cleaning company «INWHITE» have considerable work experience, tools, chemicals and technical equipment to cope with the most persistent and obsolete pollution at sites after construction works. A specially developed technology for cleaning post-construction types of contaminants helps in the shortest period to eliminate building dust, dirt, debris, etc.

As agreed with the client, all works could provide gradually or around the clock.

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