Special works


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Cleaning company «INWHITE» is ready to provide any services for cleaning private and commercial real estate, starting with washing the windows to restoring the coating of marble or wooden floor.

The team of specialists of «INWHITE» will implement high-quality one-time, daily and complex cleaning; also, our team will help to realize all your wishes concerning any specialized services.

Special works offered by our company will help you get rid of tough stains, make a cleanup, preserve the integrity of the interior elements, and prolong the period of exploitation of premises (objects) in general.

Special works provided by the service company «INWHITE»:

  • Deep floor cleaning
  • Marble crystallization
  • Restoration of wooden floor coverings
  • Application of a protective emulsion on a floor covering
  • Application of polymer films on a floor covering
  • Hydrophobic impregnation with enhanced color shade
  • Cleaning, grinding of granite, marble (steps, countertops)
  • Cleaning, application of protective layer, grinding of metal surfaces
  • Cleaning of drainage holes, rainwater pipes, storm water inlets, canalizations.
  • Cleaning of the sauna, baths, pool
  • Removal of water stone
  • Mechanized car-parking washing
  • Removing oil stains (engine oils)
  • Removal of calcium & salt deposits
  • Removal of fungal formations & molds
  • Cleaning after fire/flooding
  • Preparation of suburban real estate for the season or for the winter conservation
  • Preparation, cleaning of yachts for opening season or conservation for the winter
  • Inter-panel joints sealing
  • Mechanized cleaning of escalators, travelators
  • Cleaning support of events (weddings, conferences, etc.).
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